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Over 25 Years of Expertise in Industry

We can walk your vision into a thriving reality. Our company will help you from developing your name, incorporating it, making the company business compliant, helping you establish your credit, simple branding, and much more

Our Mission

Is to see to you that your company becomes an entity that you are more than proud of, but feel accomplished every time it comes across your mind, rolls off your tongue to say the name to someone, or you are providing a service with second to non quality expertise and care.

How Do We Help You Do This:

  • Business Name Development
  • Write your 501c3
  • Build Your Media Presence
  • Incorporate Your Entity
  • Database Building
  • Call Center Marketing
  • Obtain Your EIN
  • Register you with all Compliance Agencies
  • Help Create Your Name
  • Build You a Strong Credit Profile
  • Lead Generations


What our clients say

Merry Smith

TMS got me over 25,000 in credit cards

John Smith

TMS had out company created, register, and compliance starting in less than 30 days

Nina J.

we were in an office and making money in less than 90 days

Your Company is on our mind 24/7